Las Vegas is known for many things: mega-resorts, gambling, clubs and of course Strip Clubs. Party Pantheon knows that for many Las Vegas Bachelor Parties a visit to a strip club is a must. It is especially true to visit a Strip Club in Las Vegas for a Bachelor Party.  

Gentlemen’s clubs such as Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire, Treasures, Hustler and Crazy Horse 3 are some of the top draws in Las Vegas. That being said, many people are not well versed in strip clubs, we are here to help.

We have pieced together a FAQ on Las Vegas strip clubs and our answers to these questions. We will give you insight to the secret world of Las Vegas Strip Clubs.

The answers are solely our opinion based off of our person experiences at various Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Clubs. Also, your experience may vary, that is the nature of these type of places.  

Use the information below to prepare yourself to have the most epic time at a Las Vegas Strip club.

Party Pantheon Las Vegas Strip Club FAQ

Stripper Shoes with Pole

How much does it cost to enter a Las Vegas Strip club?

This is one of the most asked questions about Las Vegas Gentlemen’s clubs. Prices can vary from club to club and time of day.  

Many clubs lie in the $20 to $50 range for a male to enter at night-time. Day-time entry, at times, can be free and can include free food and cheap drinks.  Entertainers during the daytime will be limited.

If you are local many places offer free entry at all times, especially if you do not come by taxi.

That seems like a lot of money, how can I get into a Las Vegas Strip Club for free?

$50 dollars per person can be a lot, especially if you roll in with a group of 10 dudes on a bachelor party you are immediately spending $500 WALKING THROUGH THE DOOR.

Now, there are a few ways you can get into a club for free. Let’s say you are already at the club with a group of guys; consider buying a bottle. You can get a bottle for around that same $500, which will typically give your group: entry to the club, VIP / Reserved seating, and alcohol.

If you are on a bachelor party, having a table at a strip club is great idea. Now, if you are about to leave the Las Vegas strip and go to a strip club a great move is to call the club (look up their phone number on their website), most major clubs will send a limo, party van or even an Tesla Model X to pick you and your group up, give you free entry and even free drinks.

You ask, why do they do this?

Here’s the deal:
there’s a long-standing tradition of Gentlemen’s clubs giving kickbacks to cab and ride-share drivers for bringing you to a strip club. Many times the driver basically gets your entire group’s entrance fee for bringing you to a club.

So if you and 3 friends enter a strip club for $25 a piece, your driver will get $75 dollars total. You’ll notice the driver drop you off then park his car, go up to a window and talk to someone, this is them receiving their kick back.  

Now if you get an honest cab driver, they will let you in on this and get you into the club for free. I have actually had a cab driver give me CASH to enter a strip club, which they got paid bad immediately by the club itself.

Crazy situation!

This required a ton of talking and a great and honest driver.

Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas

How to a choose the best strip club in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has dozens and dozens of strip and Gentlemen’s clubs. How do you choose the best one?

Check out the chart to the right for pluses and minuses for many major Las Vegas strip clubs.

Topless clubs are 21+ and they serve alcohol, fully nude clubs are 18+ with no alcohol.

There is one exception to this rule, the Palomino in North Las Vegas is Full Nude 21+ with alcohol.

In our experience, the girls are better looking at topless clubs, with a few exceptions.

What are your favorite Las Vegas strip clubs?

Party Pantheon’s all-time favorite Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas is the Spearmint Rhino.

We have spent countless hours there and a number of Super Bowls there. It is known for its beautiful women, intimate atmosphere, inexpensive alcohol, and great location near the strip.

Note, cabbies typically do not receive the typical strip club kick back at Spearmint Rhino, so they might try to convince you to go to another club.

This is why we recommend calling the club to arrange a free limo ride. Other great ones include Treasures, Sapphire, Hustler, and Crazy Horse 3.

Sapphire Las Vegas Bottles

How do I interact with the girls at a Las Vegas Strip Club?

Remember, the girls are real people. Talk to them! Have a good time. Interacting is an important part of going to a strip club. Trust me, you’ll have more fun if you engage.  

Be nice, be fun, be complementary.

Treat them human.

Buying them a drink is appropriate, but beware, those drinks will come at a premium.

Now, remember, do not string a girl along. They are there to work, and working typically means lap dances.

Just like you, the girls pay to enter the strip club. They are not employees, more like independent contractors. Their entrance fee is typically 2 to 3 times what yours is.

They make money through tips on stage and lap dances. The entertainer is already in the hole as soon as they walk in the door, so earning is pretty important to most strippers at Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Clubs.

If you end up talking to a girl for an extended amount of time be courteous, figure out how to get some money in their pocket. Go for a lap dance, if you’ve made a connection the dance will be good.0

If you don’t really want a lap dance, consider slipping the girl $10 or $20 dollars thanking them for their time and saying you are going to have any lap dances but appreciate their time.

What do I do if a girl asks me to buy a lap dance from her?

This is a very good question.

First of all, just because a girl sat in your lap for 2 seconds, hardly engaged with you and then goes: “do you want a lap dance?” doesn’t mean you have to say yes.

But be careful saying no too many times, the girls talk to each other, eventually, fewer girls will come your way if you and your group always deny girls.

Many clubs will line up girls for you right when walk in, literally running the gauntlet of girls. These type of girls are called “vultures” by strip club aficionados.

I typically just keep walking through the girls and try to find a place to sit or get the lay of the land.

Be aware of overly aggressive girls constantly asking for dances, also watch your drink, we have witnessed patrons getting roofied by aggressive strippers to help lure them into the champagne room to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

Spearmint Rhino - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
Pro: Sets the bar for beautiful girls, great location, upscale facility with many intimate spots making it one of the best strip clubs for couples in Las Vegas
Con: No kickbacks thus cabbies don’t want to take you there, can be packed

Sapphire - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
Pro: The biggest strip club in Las Vegas, good talent, many pornstars as headlining guests, 24-hour Mexican food restaurant next door
Con: A little too open of an atmosphere, basically one big room, pushy waitresses

Hustler - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
Pro: State of the art multiple story facilities, good lighting, unique VIP room experiences, party atmosphere, cool urinals
Con: Girl quality can be low at times, areas of the club get shut down to keep everyone in the same spot,

Crazy Horse 3 - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
Pro: Great location (across from the new Raiders stadium), nice medium sized place
Con: Girls are very pushy, smells like tempura, too many vultures

Treasures - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
Pro: 2 stories with different feels between them, good variety of girls, easy to get seats
Con: Expensive alcohol, small bathrooms, tucked away so hard to get a cab out of there sometimes

Palomino - Nude 21+ (Alcohol)
Pro: All nude with alcohol, a rarity
Con: Long drive to North Las Vegas, Girl Quality can be Low

Girl Collection - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
More variety of girls here, may be able to spot Floyd Mayweather as his company runs it
Con: Expensive!

Scores - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
A revival of the storied name but in a smaller place
Con: Small

Déjà Vu - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
$2 Tuesdays (all drinks $2), good location
Kinda weird being located in the back of an adult store

Centerfolds - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
Girls sometimes dress in novelty costumes check out their Instagram
Con: Smaller Club, located away from the other clubs

Cheetah’s - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
The Las Vegas classic movie “Showgirls” was filmed here, free pizza and wings
Con: Small, not as up to date as modern clubs

Chicas Bonitas - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
Specializes in Latinas
Con: Far from strip, no website

Diamond Cabaret - Nude 18+ (no alcohol
Intimate, has hookahs
Con: Seems shady from outside

Minks - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
Pro: wide hookah selection
Con: way away from strip, probably locals focused

Club Platinum - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
Super close to strip, no cover, recently remodeled
Con: not as high end as other clubs, banking on their location for traffic, small

Little Darlings - Nude 18+ (no alcohol)
Specializes in 18+ petite performers, porn star appearances, nude lap dances
Con: rough area, dated club, 18+ means young men are there

Play it Again Sam’s - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
Pro: Has video poker and strippers!
Con: Located in a weird area, locals focused, is it a bar or strip club

Show Girl Video - Nude 18+ (no alcohol)
Dirty, no entry fee, peep shows
Con: Dirty,

Sophia - Topless 21+ (Alcohol)
Location, just blocks from mid-strip, Hookah lounge
Con: Seems less frequented so less talent

Talk of the Town - Nude 18+ (no alcohol)
Nude with adult videos and novelties
Is it though?

Treasures Las Vegas

Is there sex in the champagne room at a Las Vegas Strip Club?


But… depends, but no but depends. This is a hard and loaded question.

There is no sex in the champagne room, but there may be.

The champagne room is a much more secluded area of the club that allows much more contact with the entertainer.

“Full contact” is common in the champagne room.  

Champagne rooms typically have minimum spends: typically something like $100 per 15-minute interval, many have drink minimums too.

But prostitution is legal in Las Vegas, right?

Las Vegas resides in Clark County where prostitution is illegal.  

That being said this is Las Vegas and there is (illegal) prostitution.

A girl may approach you to do “a little more” at a strip club. This is not super common but MAY happen.

Engage at your own risk or pleasure, but don’t blame me if you end up getting in trouble with the law.

Now if you are really looking for that close contact in a legal sense, hop over to Nye County and the City of Pahrump. There are numerous legal brothels that can fulfill any fantasy you have.

How much does a lap dance cost at a Las Vegas Strip Club?

Lap dances at many of the reputable clubs will range from $20 - $30 per 1 - 2 songs.

These are called table dances, floor dances, lap dances.  You can sometimes go to a more secluded area for a little more and to the VIP / Champagne room for a lot more.

Each more secluded area has a good price increase but with increased contact with the entertainer.  Many dancers will ask for a tip following a dance.

I typically do not tip, if I do it may be just an extra $5.

This is because they dancers typically take home 100% of their lap dance proceeds at a Las Vegas Gentlemen’s club. Their entrance fee to the club is how the club itself makes money off of the strippers.

Hustler Las Vegas

Am I allowed to touch at a Las Vegas Strip Club?


Depends on the girl, club, dance type, time of day, etc.

The best move is to ask the girl: “What am I allowed to do?”, “Am I allowed to touch?” “Where am I allowed to touch?”.  

If an entertainer ever tells you to stop what you are doing, STOP.

Both out of respect for the entertainer and also for your future in that establishment.

People do get thrown out of strip clubs all of the time for going too far or trying too many things with a stripper. Don’t be that guy.

Also, if you are asked to leave, for any reason, leave quietly and respectfully.

What’s the deal with alcohol at Las Vegas strip clubs?

Any 21 and over strip club in Las Vegas will serve alcohol. Alcohol prices vary wildly from Gentlemen’s club to Gentlemen’s club.

I’ve had free drink vouchers, cheap bottles, $13 bottles of Blue moon and $20 colas for the entertainers. Pricing sometimes just doesn’t make sense.

Our recommendations; if you are going on a Friday or Saturday night, get a decent buzz going before you arrive. Or if you are in a large group consider buying bottles.  

If you ever receive free drink vouchers (many clubs do this when you enter), don’t waste that on a bud light, get yourself the best glass of scotch that affords you without having to pay extra.


crazy horse 3

Really, 13 Dollars for a Blue Moon?

Yes, really!

This does happen.

Remember, most Las Vegas Gentlemen’s clubs take nothing of the entertainer’s tips or lap dance income.

The club makes money off of your entry, their entry, and alcohol. Running a 20,000 sq ft club is not cheap!

Do I have to tip the bathroom attendant in a Las Vegas Strip Club?

In the majority of Las Vegas strip clubs, you’ll notice a bathroom attendant.

Their purpose is many-fold; the keep the bathroom clean, keep guys from being rowdy in the bathroom, stopping people using the stalls too long (read masturbating or doing drugs), and they offer you an array of items such as breath fresheners, gum, cologne, and hair products.

So do you have to tip the attendant?

Once again it depends, are you at the strip club for a long time, using the bathroom often?

I’d say yes.

Are you making a quick trip to the strip club with a small pee break, wash your hands and don’t make a mess?

Probably, no tip needed.

Really depends on your impact; if you EVER take anything from their offerings you must tip.

What’s some Las Vegas Strip Club Etiquette?

  1. You must tip if you:

    1. Sit at the stage

    2. Take items from the bathroom attendant

    3. Buy a drink

    4. If you get any hookups or things for free

  2. You probably should tip if:

    1. A girl sits with you for an extended amount of time and you do not get a dance

  3. Don’t touch without asking

  4. Don’t be sleazy without asking

  5. Don’t use your cell phone camera to film the entertainers

  6. Don’t expect anything (especially sex)

  7. If extra contact or sexual adventures happen, consider yourself lucky and an outlier

  8. If you anger a bouncer, apologize

  9. If you are asked to leave, for any reason, leave

  10. Don’t leave your drink unattended (both because the waitress will dump it and the girls will roofie it)

  11. Have fun, be engaging, talk to people

  12. Remember; this is a gentlemen’s club, act like a gentleman

Little Darlings Las Vegas

Map of Las Vegas Strip Clubs