Flamingo Las Vegas is one of the first major resorts in Las Vegas. Developed heavily by mob affiliated Bugsy Siegel starting in 1945. The Flamingo was one of the hippest places in Las Vegas for decades. It eventually changed hands a number of times and now is under control of Caesar’s entertainment. Scroll to view map, our likes and dislikes, and a list of all restaurants and bars in the Flamingo. It’s loyalty club is Caesar’s Total Rewards.

Things we like about Flamingo

  • Location - Center of strip with easy access to other resorts, adjacent to Linq Promenade

  • Entrance Neon Sign - Classic Las Vegas Icon

  • Low Minimums on Table Games - Gambling Value

  • Remodeled Rooms - When you make reservations make sure to select rooms that are identified as remodeled

  • Pools - Pretty expansive pool area, including relaxing pools and Go Pool day club

  • Piff the Magic Dragon - Great comedy magic show

Things we Dislike about Flamingo

  • Older Rooms - Not all are remodeled, ones that are not really show their age

  • Casino has low ceilings - Claustrophobic a bit

  • Food Selection / Quality - Poor quality food

  • Layout - Will be confusing to some due to the numerous additions and remodels over they years

To find out more about Flamingo Las Vegas’s history visit its wikipedia page.


List of all Restaurants and Bars in Flamingo Las Vegas: