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Top 10: Las Vegas's Best Steakhouses

Las Vegas is home to some of the best steakhouses in the world. Almost every major Las Vegas Casino, Hotel or Resort has a steakhouse (or many steakhouses).  World renown Chefs, such as José Andrés, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Michael Mina, Emeril Lagasse, and Wolfgang Puck each have made their mark on the Las Vegas Steakhouse. We at Party Pantheon love steak and feel that eating steaks in Las Vegas is one of the highlights of each and every trip. We recommend that you splurge and experience an excellent meal on your visit to Sin City, these Steakhouse are not Outback! Below, we have compiled our list of the Top 10 Las Vegas Steakhouses. And if you are still having problems finding a steakhouse in Las Vegas reference our handy Las Vegas Steakhouse list. We recommend making reservations for your party well before arrival to these fine establishments.

Surf and Turf at The Steakhouse

10. The Steakhouse - Circus Circus Las Vegas is getting quite long in the tooth at this point it its history and its not known for its epicurean delights. But, believe it or not, The Steakhouse (creative name huh?) at Circus Circus is well known as a authentic quality must visit steakhouse on the Las Vegas strip. Why you ask? It is known for its quality steaks, classic steakhouse fare, masculine decor and affordable prices. It's menu hits all the marks: NY Strip, Porterhouse, Bone in Ribeye and the Filet Mignon. Steaks are even aged onsite in a dry aging room. If you want a quality steak that is not horrible on your pocketbook this is your place.  

9. Strip Steak - We move to the complete opposite end of the strip to Mandalay Bay and Michael Mina's Strip Steak.  This restaurant is situated a bit off the casino floor on the way to the Mandalay Bay Convention center.  Don't let its location fool you, this is one of Mina's best spots in town (there are quite a number of Michael Mina restaurants in Las Vegas). They specialize in Angus and Wagyu beef but do not miss the sides.

Bone in Rib Eye at Strip Steak

8. SW Steakhouse - Adorned with the initials of the resort's former Owner and CEO Steve Wynn, SW Steakhouse is the first of one of the most well know steakhouses in Las Vegas on our List.  This steakhouse is known for its classy upscale representation of the classic Steakhouse. The steaks are not the only rare sight on the menu as the restaurant has a stunning view of Wynn's Lake of Dreams. Do eat the Chili Rubbed Double Rib Eye or any of the Wagyu selection. Prices aren't for the faint-of-heart with the Porterhouse clocking in at $148 and Wagyu selections over $200. Come hungry and willing to spend at this fabulous Las Vegas Steak House.

The Patio at SW Steakhouse

 Rib Eye at Craft Steak

Rib Eye at Craft Steak

7. Craft Steak - By Top Chef Host Tom Colicchio, Craft Steak is tucked away in MGM Grand's restaurant Row.  One of the first major Las Vegas Celebrity Chef Steak House, Craft Steak Continues to produce fine food and times. It is now considered a Las Vegas Classic. Try the NY Strip, A5 Wagyu, Hen of the Wood Mushroom (amazing) and the Potato Purée.

6. Bavette's - Bavette's is one of the newest Steakhouses on this list and in Las Vegas. Located Park MGM (formerly Monte Carlo), it is a outpost of a Chicagoland Favorite Steakhouse by the same name.  The interior is dark and mysterious, steaks and sides excellent. Steaks can come pepper crusted with sides of sauce. Bavette's also boasts a great cocktail program specializing in Old Fashions. Do try the Chicago Cut Rib eye, Steak Frites, Old Overholt Old Fashion and their amazing Cheese Burger.

 Petite Filet with Steak Salt at Bavette's

Petite Filet with Steak Salt at Bavette's

The view from the patio at Prime

5. Prime - What's better at Prime; the views or the steaks? We here at Party Pantheon are hard pressed to give either the crown as they are both spectacular. Located in the Bellagio with a patio that is on the Lagoon, you will have a front row seat to the Bellagio fountain show.  The Steaks are cooked to perfection, as you would expect from a Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant.  Do sit on the patio. Do eat a Peppercorn-crusted New York Strip steak. Do order the onion rings (best I have had in my life). Do enjoy your wine.

4. Gordon Ramsay Steak - Gordon Ramsay Steak is veritable outpost of meat. This restaurant was Chef Ramsay's first venture in Las Vegas.  Located at Paris you enter through an archway that is intended to simulate the English Channel Tunnel (chunnel).  Once you exit the other side you are transported into England and the home of Gordon Ramsay. The steaks here are impeccable. The Porterhouse for two was exquisite. But don't forget the signature Gordon Ramsay Beef Wellington (give extra time for this one as they cook it to order!).  Finally don't forget to save room for the sticky toffee pudding.  

3. Cut - Cut is Wolfgang Puck's take on a steakhouse located in Palazzo. Cut is known for their comprehensive selection of beef. The menu is separated into sections designating the location of origin and feed style of each steak.  On the menu you will find numerous cuts of beef from each of the following: USDA prime steaks from Illinois and Nebraska, grass fed beef from Australia, American Wagyu from Snake River Idaho and Japansese Wagyu from Miyazaki Prefecture.  This is a beef connoisseur's heaven. Add a slab of point Reyes blue cheese to any steak to crank it up a notch.  

 Piedmontese Cow

Piedmontese Cow

2. Delmonico - Continuing the Celebrity Chef trend is Delmonico in the Venetian. This restaurant is headed by Emeril Lagasse and named after the famed and Original New York City Steakhouse Delmonico. The menu covers classic steak fare with the typical Lagasse New Orleans style additions such as Gumbo, BBQ Shrimp and Buttermilk Fried Chicken. The steaks are pretty typical for Las Vegas with Prime cuts and 100% Japanese Wagyu selections. However there a quiet a special option on the menu: Italian Piedmontese beef. These cows are known for their intense musculature that continues to grow throughout its life. They look like body builders. This leaves the resulting beef  low on fat but remains very tender and full of beef flavor. Amazing!

1. Bazaar Meat - The number one steak house on our list is Bazaar Meat (note: the spelling of Bazaar).  This establishment is ran by Celebrity Chef José Andrés andSLS Las Vegas and is called a Tapas Style steakhouse. Now many people think of tapas as small dishes, but in this sense think of sharing dishes. Steaks are typically ordered by the kilogram to be shared by the entire table. Thier meat ranges from Typical steak cuts to exotic, all are cooked to 46 degrees C (read rare). They have 5 kitchens each specializing in a different preparation of food. Once speciality to try is the Vaca Vieja - an 8 year old dairy cow retired and harvested for beef, its taste is much more pronounced and will leave your wanting more.  Try the Foie gras lollipops, beef carpaccio, beef tartare, suckling pig and all of the steaks. Make sure to come with a group to be able to try it all. Did I mention A5 Wagyu grilled on a traditional Japanese Ishiyaki Grilling stone? This place has it all!

Massive porterhouse at Bazaar Meats

Special Mention

Carnevino - If it wasn't closing on July 27th, Carnevino would be Party Pantheon's choice for best steak house in Las Vegas.  Carnevino is considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Las Vegas, this is without mentioning the beef. The beef is out of this world: "Carnevino beef is often beyond regular USDA prime standards for marbling and flavor and is hormone and antibiotic free." The Fiorentina is an essential take on the Italian version of the porterhouse (not cheap at $170). The sides are so good including hand made pasta, Italian style fried calamari and, the amazing mashed potatoes with a poached egg on top. Finally their crowning achievement: the riserva steaks.  Aged in their himalayan salt room for up to 240 days, these steaks have gone beyond they typical dry aging process. Notes of funk and blue cheese permeate these stakes. At $100 an inch they aren't horrible deal. Get one while you can and share with the table!

Top 10: Las Vegas's Best Pools

Las Vegas is known for its amazing pool scene. Going to the pool is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas. Most resorts have very large pool complexes that have a number of attractions. Typical features include pools, jacuzzis, cabanas, bars, and restaurants. Heads up: many places you may have to rent chairs or cabanas so be prepared to pay. These are Party Patheon's Top 10 Best Pools in Las Vegas:

10. Flamingo - For our number 10 slot we are going to recognize one of the original Las Vegas mega resorts; the Flamingo. For a low to mid-market hotel Flamingo's pool shines. You have multiple pools some for quiet areas (the beach club pool) and some with entertainment and party vibe (the go pool). The go pool is adult only which is a total plus.  There are also 2 jacuzzis. Food and drink service is provided. Cabanas can be rented by calling (702) 697-3888. Beach club pool is on the left in the satellite image below, while the Go pool is on the right.


9. Caesars Palace - Caesars palace is home to the 9th ranked best pool on our list. Dubbed the Garden of the gods pool oasis. The pool complex's design makes you feel like you are swimming in an ancient Roman bath.  The temple pool has a large statue in the middle with a number of fountains spraying water.  The Neptune pool is a more traditional pool to hang out and relax in. The Apollo and Jupiter pools are designed for relaxation. The both have a number of cabanas and chairs to rent. The fortuna pool has a swim up bar and gambling. The Bacchus pool is for invited guests only and provides a VIP experience for celebrity clientele. Finally the Venus European pool lounge is a 21 and up location with a great food selection; bikini tops are optional. Follow .


8. Mirage - The Mirage pool is a classic. It has a very large lagoon like area complete with rock waterfalls for your enjoyment, slip over to the private oasis pool for an even quieter experience.  We advise renting chairs here as it can get quiet full and it's very nice to have a reserved spot. Their hot tubs are great. Cabanas can be a great option. There's also a restaurant and a bar. Adjacent to the pool complex is the dolphin sanctuary.  Mirage also has European style bathing (tops optional) at the Bare Pool lounge.


7.  Cosmopolitan - The cosmo has a great pool complex consisting of 3 pools: The Chelsea Pool, the Boulevard Pool and the Marquee day club.  All of the pools are located on level 4 of the hotel.  The Boulevard pool is the pool closest to the Las Vegas Strip, hence the name. It's space is designed for socializing and a bit of partying. Moving away from the strip you have the Marquee day club pool. This is a total party atmosphere with some of the world's to DJs spinning. FInally there is the Chelsea pool, furthest removed from the Las Vegas Strip. This pool is designed for relaxation and seclusion. All of the pools have cabanas and loungers to rent. Food service is provided at the Boulevard and Chelsea pools. Drinks are served at all three. To make reservations call (702) 698-6797 or email ENTERTAINMENTCABANASALES@COSMOPOLITANLASVEGAS.COM.


6. Venetian / Palazzo - The Venetian and Palazzo has a massive pool deck with 10 pools.  Pools range from quiet to party.  There are 5 hot tubs. Food and Beverage service is provided at both.  If you like to party there is Tao Beach club, which will be a spectacle. Additionally there is the Aquatic Club that spans the mix of relaxation and party with games and a wide array of music. Book a cabana or day bed by calling (866) 834-2319.


5. Wynn / Encore - Wynn and Encore pools span its entire facility. Starting in the south you have Wynn's pools with its large inter-connected barbell shaped pools with a number of bridges and hot tubs surrounding it. Next, going north you have Encore's pool, surrounded by the resort. Finally head west toward the strip and you have Encore Beach club, the party hub of Wynn's pool experience.  The Encore pool shares spaces with the XS nightclub.  Also during the summer Encore beach club holds "night swims" where you can enjoy the pool while listening to a DJ. Reserve a cabana here. Future development plans hold for redevelopment of the Wynn Golf course into Wynn Paradise park, a massive beach and pool complex. We foresee this top 10 list being revised bumping Wynn to the top of this list once Paradise Park is built. 


4. Aria - We like Aria's pool for a few reasons. It has a good size balance where you can enjoy the whole set up without being overwhelmed. It is also located in a sunny part of the property to ensure maximum sun bathing. Additionally you have many options of pools. From their relaxing Ellipse pools, Liquid lounge for partying, and the Sky pool for invited VIP guests. Food and drink service is provided.  You can book cabanas here.



3. Bellagio -  Bellagio's five pools are designed for pure relaxation. Its space is quiet and serene. The pools are south facing so they have plenty of sun. Like Caesars palace you can swim in a fountain. Many of the pools vary in temperatures to provide you with different swimming experiences. Don't forget to enjoy the hot tubs. Cabanas and daybeds are scattered throughout. Great drink and Beverage service is provided. 


2. Mandalay Bay - The Mandalay Bay Beach is one of the most massive pool complexes in Las Vegas. It contains a number of pools, a wave pool, multiple restaurants and bars, lazy river, real sand beach, a full casino, a European style pool (Moorea Beach Club) and Daylight day club.  If you are staying at the Four Seasons or Delano you'll have access to the entire venue and their individual hotel pools. I especially enjoy the Delano Beach Club pool with its super relaxed atmosphere and DJ playing chill tracks. The Four seasons pool is designed for luxury and relaxation. You can book cabanas here. Mandalay bay is our second best pool.


1. MGM Grand - Honestly, deciding which pool is better between MGM Grand and Mandalay bay is very hard. They offer so many of the same features such as multiple pools, bars, restaurants, cabanas, lounges, hot tubs; but what makes MGM the best pool complex in Las Vegas to me is their MASSIVE lazy river. The lazy river is such a great place to spend an afternoon doing a great bit of people watching. When you get thirsty just guide your inner tube into the pool bar area within the river to grab a drink. If you like to party there is the Wet Republic Day club. You can book a cabana here.


Top 10: Best Things to do as a Las Vegas Virgin

Going to Vegas for the first time can be a daunting experience. People ask: What are the must dos? What are the Must sees? What experiences do I need to have? Party Pantheon has outlined for you what are the top 10 best things to do as a Las Vegas Virgin (first timer).

10. Visit the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign - The "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada" sign is an iconic piece of Las Vegas.  Its Googie stars and vintage design hearkens back to the days of the Rat Pack in Las Vegas. Knock this out first because it is located out of your way very far south on the Las Vegas Strip below Mandalay Bay. There is parking located in the median accessible from the southbound lanes. 

9. Enjoy your Room - Las Vegas has some of the best hotel rooms in the world. Luxury has become the name of the game the last 10 years and it really shows in Las Vegas. So when you are there we suggest you splurge a little and get a nicer room. Nothing like having a great bed, wonderful bathroom and an amazing view. We don't believe in the old adage "we never spend time in the room". People do sleep, relax, recover (especially in Vegas). Might as well do all of this in comfort. But make sure you are on the strip! Pro tip: don't use the phone in the toilet room; that's nasty.

8. Go to a Club - Now many people, especially those outside the  "millennial" crowd, feel that clubs are not a place for them or that they just don't "understand" them. We get that, some clubs are too cramped, too expensive and no fun (especially when you have a bad attitude going into it.) We do suggest giving it a chance. Clubs are a hot attraction in Las Vegas, many resorts spend millions of dollars on the venue and their acts. Go there for the party, to dance, to see people and let loose. If you can't let loose, stay out!  

7. Relax at the Pool - Pool complexes are one of the biggest attractions in Las Vegas. Moods range from relaxation and chill to party hard; sometimes all within the same complex. It's hot in Las Vegas, head down to the pool for some good relaxation. Pools offer food, drinks, massages, gambling (some), music, Djs and some are even topless (Euro Style Bathing). Additionally, the pool is a place where you won't spend much money. So take a reprieve from walking around and dropping cash and relax in paradise. We'll do a post soon about our Top 10 Favorite Las Vegas Pools. 

6. See a Show - Shows have always been a big part of Las Vegas entertainment.  The Golden era had the Rat pack and later times included Liberace and Wayne Newton. Now a days there's a number of popular music artists playing Las Vegas. Where else can you see Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion or Elton John within a few blocks of each other. Additionally there's a ton of Cirque du Soleil shows (and Similar acts), Magicians, Comedians and Reviews (male and female). 

5. Get too Drunk - Oh man, this one might be the easiest on our list. Las Vegas is a 24 hour town, with the lack of windows in a typical casino time does fly.  Free drinks given to gamblers only fuels the fire of your ability to get drunk.  We say a Las Vegas virgin has to have one night getting hammered.  Get those $1 Michelobs at Casino Royale, enjoy your free drinks while playing video poker, stop by CVS to grab a tall boy and buy one of those giant frozen drinks. Did we mention you can have open contains while on the strip? (no glass)

4. Walk the Strip - What better way to get drunk (see number 5) than to walk the Las Vegas strip. The strip is many miles long and has numerous casinos on either side for your entertainment. However so much action is on the sidewalks, you don't even need to go inside the resorts themselves.  There will be thousands of tourists doing the same thing, so you'll be in good company.  Keep hydrated by playing a little game of "let's take a shot at every bar we pass". We recommend doing this at night as day time can be unbearably hot. 

3. Gamble - Hey it's Las Vegas. Gambling built this city, so might as well take your shot! As a virgin we recommend that you stick to what you know or easy to do such as 21 blackjack, poker (video poker has a low entry), slot machines and the big six wheel.  If you feel like learning Pai Gow poker is pretty easy to learn and it has a low rate of spend so you can gamble for a while and still have your bank roll. Some casinos even offer War, but watch out, that game goes fast!

2. Eat at a Buffet - Another thing Las Vegas is known for is food. People think they can get by with $.99 Steak and Eggs. But trust me, that don't exist any more ESPECIALLY ON THE STRIP. Now, almost every resort on the Las Vegas strip has a buffet. Buffets are amazing values and can also still have amazing food. We recommend doing a higher end buffet such as Caesars Palace's Bacchanal buffet or the Wicked Spoon at Cosmpopolitan. We'll do a top 10 list on buffets soon too. 

1. Watch the Bellagio Fountain Show - the fountains at Bellagio are one of, if not the most, iconic views in Las Vegas.  The show is free and easy to watch while walking the strip (see #4). This is an absolute must for a Las Vegas Virgin. The fountains move to the sound of the music. Each show unique to the music is being played.  On of the best is when they play Frank Sinatra.

Top 10: Best Las Vegas Bars with a Great View

Going to a Bar with a view is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas. There's so much to see in Las Vegas, why not have a drink while you do it?  Las Vegas summer nights are known for their warmth so you can enjoy these views till the early hours of the morning! Below is our top 10 list of the best bars with a great view in Las Vegas.

10. Drai's Nightclub - Fist bar on our list of the top 10 bars with a view in Las Vegas is Drai's nightclub. Situated on top of The Cromwell hotel, Drai's has a massive indoor / outdoor space with one of the best views in Las Vegas. You'll see the iconic Bellagio fountains, Caesars palace and the Cosmopolitan from your vantage point many floors above the Las Vegas Strip.  Check out this 360 degree photo of the view. Day or night you'll have an amazing view.

9. Rhumbar - Rhumbar is a rum focused bar located at the front of the Mirage.  Its like a tropical oasis in the middle of the chaotic Las Vegas Strip.  You'll have views of the Venetian, Palazzo and the Mirage Volcano from its patio area.  Sip on a mojito and puff a cigar.  Skip the inside bar and enjoy the outside!

8. 107 Skylounge - 107 Skylounge is located at the north end of the strip on top of the Stratosphere. It is located 107 stories up from the ground. Looking south you can see the entirety of the Las Vegas Strip. There is happy hours daily 4pm to 7pm and 10:30pm to 1am.  Entrance is free if you are having cocktails in the lounge.  

7. Parasol Up / Parasol Down -  Wynn Las Vegas is a home to a number of fantastic bars. But our favorite bar with a view is Parasol Up and Parasol down. Each offers a different view. Parasol up is located centrally in Wynn Las Vegas. You can relax in its Lounge atmosphere and watch all the activity from the raised from the casino floor platform. Parasol Down is located one level directly below Parasol up. It is a smaller bar with less action. Ask for a seat outside where you can view the 40 foot man-made waterfall and the show in the Lake of Dreams.

6. High Roller Happy Half Hour - For many, riding a ferris wheel while in Las Vegas is pretty low on their list of things to do. But throw if you throw in some booze, the World's Largest Observation Wheel,and the Las Vegas Strip you have a recipe for fun. The High Roller Happy Half hour has all of this. Tickets get you all you can drink on a fully stocked bar on a special cabin on the High Roller. The trip lasts 30 minutes so make sure to drink up! We suggest that you buy tickets from the website to make sure your group all gets on the same cabin.  

5. Petrossian Bar - For our fifth bar with a view we return inside to Petrossian bar at Bellagio. Located just off the Bellagio lobby and just steps into the casino the Petrossian bar provides an excellent vantage point to view the crowds passing through one of Las Vegas's most popular Hotel Casinos. Have a martini and relax!

4. Beer Park - Next up is beer park at Paris Las Vegas. Its located in the front of the hotel on the Second story. The elevation allows views over the strip to the Bellagio Fountains and the Cosmopolitan. Beer and easy eats are on the menu so pull up a good draft and check out the view:

3. Hyde - Hyde is technically a night club. It is located in Bellagio right on the the lake.  You can watch the fountain show from its patio area while listening to a DJ throw down a sick set.  Just look at this shot we took of the fountains going off below. It is like you are on the lake. Go there if you want to party and have a great view.

2. Skyfall - Skyfall is the southernmost bar with a view on our top 10 List of bars with a view in Las Vegas.  It is located at the top of the 45 story Delano Las Vegas, adjacent to Mandalay Bay.  Its view peers north high above the strip. If you are staying at Delano just show your key at happy hour and you get a free glass of champagne.  Skyfall also has an attached restaurant called Rivea. From this point you can almost see the entire trip. Go at sunset and stay through nightfall for the best experience.

1. Mandarin Bar - The number 1 bar with a view on our top 10 list is Mandarin Bar.  It is located next to the Mandarin Oriental's Sky Lobby on the 23rd story. Just enter the hotel, call an elevator and press the lobby button.  You'll be whisked up to the 23rd story. Head east toward the strip and you'll enter Mandarin Bar.  The atmosphere in Mandarin Bar is subdued and elegant. Cocktails are carefully crafted for your enjoyment.  The view is of mid strip, featuring MGM Grand, Monte Carlo, New York New York, Aria, Veer, Cosmopolitan, Paris and Planet hollywood. A Mid-strip marvel of a view.  Don't forget to hit up the Mini Moet Vending machine next to the Elevators for a mini bottle of Moet Chandon champagne. 

Top 10: Las Vegas Bachelor Party Activities and Ideas

Las Vegas can be overwhelming. There are so many casinos, clubs, hotels, and restaurants; how do you decide what to do? Our top 10 lists will help you decide.  Our first list is the top 10 Las Vegas Bachelor party ideas and activities. Most of these work for Bachelorette parties too.  

10. Get A Great Room

You and all of your bros are finally together for one big weekend of partying in Las Vegas for your Bachelor party. Last thing you want to do is have all of your friends spread out over multiple hotels, on multiple floors. You'd spend your whole weekend just trying to round people up.  We suggest getting a suite. Suites typically have a large sitting area and a full kitchen with a refrigerator. Having a cold one with the boys in your room is a great way to kick off you big weekend. Hotels such as Signature MGM, Elara and Vdara specialize in suites, many with multiple rooms.  You can use our Las Vegas trip planning guide to help you figure out what room to get. Visit our hotel list to see more options.

9. Rent Mobility Scooters

We know that on a Bachelor Party weekend the nights are filled with partying. But partying all weekend is exhausting. It is important to rest during the days while in Vegas, however you still want to see the sights. That's where mobility scooters come into play. You can cruise the Las Vegas strip in style for 49.99! This includes free delivery and pick up. Vendors can be found up and down the strip or with a quick google search.


8. Enter a Poker Tournament

Gambling can be fun for some people, while others think it's a waste of money. Poker tournaments are a fun way to gamble while keeping your bank intact. Some run as little as 50 dollar buy in. You and all of your friends can jump into the game, have some fun, some cocktails, and perhaps win a little money.  Check with your hotel casino's poker rooms for available tournaments during your visit.  One item of note on this: many tournaments start very early in the morning.  

7. Go to Top Golf

Top golf is really great place to spend time and have fun in Las Vegas for a Bachelor Party. Your group gets its own bay with a server. Food, beer and booze can be ordered while you play any of their golf related games. Each bay has plentiful seating, air conditioning, a selection of clubs and a number of TVs to enjoy.  There are even three GIANT TVs at the end of the range. There are 107 hitting bays. There are also a number of bars and even 2 pools on site to enjoy.  Top golf is located behind MGM Grand on Koval Lane. You don't even need to be a good golfer to enjoy the games. 

6. Go to a Club

The club scene is huge in Las Vegas. Clubs attract top acts such as the Chainsmokers, Tiësto, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Skrillex and Diplo. The club experience can be wild; crazy visuals from the laser and light shows, confetti, fire, cold air blasts, beautiful go-go dancers and a raucous crowd. It may seem to be "not your fit", but go, it's a big party and everyone just wants to have a good time. If you can afford it we highly recommend bottle service. Bottle service gives you a dedicated booth, waitress, great service and easy line access. We even got pizza when we went to Intrigue.  

Some of the biggest clubs in Las Vegas are Hakkasan, Omnia, XS, Surrender, Intrigue, Jewel, Drais, Hyde, Tao, Marquee and Light.

5. Enjoy the Pool in a Cabana / Day Club or European Style Pool

Vegas in the summer is crazy hot. Temps reach upwards of 110 degrees. What a better place to chill out then the pool. We highly recommend the MGM Grand and Mandalay bay pools. They both have lazy rivers which are awesome to chill in. MGM Grand's lazy river has a bar in it! Mandalay bay has a wave pool. We think that a cabana is a great way to go. Cabanas are reserved with a minimum spend that you can use on food and beverage. You get a cabana with seats, own waitress, shade and sometimes even a TV and air conditioning.  You can book cabanas on MGM's or Mandalay Bay's website. You do not need to a hotel guest to rent a cabana.

Another option, if you are up for the partying is a day club. All the fun of the nightclub with dancing, drinks and partying but in the day around a pool. Expect hot bods and hotter music.  Popular day clubs include Drai's Beach Club, Encore Beach Club, Daylight, Marquee Day Club, and Tao Beach.

A final pool option is the European style bathing (read topless) pool lounge. These are typically smaller pool areas, walled off from the rest of the pool complex at hotels. They offer optional topless sunbathing, food and drink service, cabana rentals and DJs spinning live music. Some of the Euro-style pools include Bare Pool Lounge and Moorea Beach club. You can also check out our list of top 10 pools in Las Vegas for more inspiration.

4. EAT UP at a Brunch Buffet

So you got an army of bros and you are all hungry. Getting a group to decide where to eat can be a hassle with everyone wanting to eat something different. Additionally sitting a large group at a restaurant can be hard and may incur wait times. Buffet brunches are a great option. They have plenty of seating, a great assortment of food, plenty of beverages to hydrate, and even bottomless sparkling wine for an additional cost. You can stay as long as you want, eat as much as you want and drink as much as you want. What a deal! This is a great way to start your day off and catch a quick and cheap buzz.  Many also offer an unlimited beer package.  We highly recommend the Bacchanal buffet at Caesars Palace,  Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan, The buffet at Bellagio and Cravings at Mirage

3. Smoke a Cigar

When it's time to take a load off and step away from the party what better way to wind down then to smoke a cigar and have a glass of whiskey with the boys.  A number of Davidoff cigar stores can be found throughout the strip.   If you are looking for the full experience go to Montecristo Cigar Bar at Caesars Palace. Here they'll guide you through the cigar selection process, offer whiskey with cigar pairings and there's even a small menu.  You'll be surrounded by comfort and relaxing times.

2. Go to a Gentlemen's Club

This one can almost go without saying. What is a bachelor party in the City of Sin without visiting a Gentlemen's club.  Las Vegas is home to a number of incredibly large and lavishly appointed Gentlemen's clubs. We recommend topless clubs over all nude. Our favorite clubs will be the subject of a future Party Pantheon Top 10 List. But for now we recommend the Spearmint Rhino, Treasures, Sapphire, and Crazy Horse 3. PRO TIP: Call the club ahead of time to schedule a FREE limo ride for your group.

1. Eat a Steak

Finally, on the manliest of weekends the most manly thing to do is to go eat a steak. Luckily Las Vegas is home to a ton of excellent Steakhouses.  There's at least one per hotel. You'll find prime beef, kobe (wagyu) beef, dry aged steaks, piedmontese beef, vaca vieja and many other options. They aren't cheap, expect to pay around $100 a head by the time you are all paid up, but we feel it's way worth it.The top 10 Steakhouses will be a definite list for us coming up. Here is a short list to wet your whistle: Bazaar Meat, Cut, Carnevino, Prime and Delmonico. See our comprehensive list here or check out our top 10 Las Vegas Steakhouses.