The 2017 NFL Season is here!

 Las Vegas Strip - Paris Hotel Eiffel Tower

With last night's kick off at Gillette stadium the 2017 NFL Season is underway!  What a game it was with the Kansas City Chiefs surprisingly defeating reigning Superbowl champions the New England Patriots. At home nonetheless!

We couldn't more excited here at Party Patheon as this game also officially kicks off our countdown until the championship game.  There are 149 days left until Super Sunday!  

What to expect in the next few months on Party Pantheon

Party Pantheon will begin scouring the internet for all of the Las Vegas Big Game parties. These parties will be housed on our "The Big Game in Las Vegas" page. We will be using Airtable to create an advanced database to ease your ability to finding a party that is best for you.  We'll have lists presorted by price, location, all-inclusiveness and other factors. We will also continue to have our Big Game Party Map.  

If you have a game to submit please use our automated form located here.  This form will add your party to the party pantheon list.  

If you have any questions or requests about the list please submit them through our contact us page.