Top 10: Best Things to do as a Las Vegas Virgin

Going to Vegas for the first time can be a daunting experience. People ask: What are the must dos? What are the Must sees? What experiences do I need to have? Party Pantheon has outlined for you what are the top 10 best things to do as a Las Vegas Virgin (first timer).

10. Visit the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign - The "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada" sign is an iconic piece of Las Vegas.  Its Googie stars and vintage design hearkens back to the days of the Rat Pack in Las Vegas. Knock this out first because it is located out of your way very far south on the Las Vegas Strip below Mandalay Bay. There is parking located in the median accessible from the southbound lanes. 

9. Enjoy your Room - Las Vegas has some of the best hotel rooms in the world. Luxury has become the name of the game the last 10 years and it really shows in Las Vegas. So when you are there we suggest you splurge a little and get a nicer room. Nothing like having a great bed, wonderful bathroom and an amazing view. We don't believe in the old adage "we never spend time in the room". People do sleep, relax, recover (especially in Vegas). Might as well do all of this in comfort. But make sure you are on the strip! Pro tip: don't use the phone in the toilet room; that's nasty.

8. Go to a Club - Now many people, especially those outside the  "millennial" crowd, feel that clubs are not a place for them or that they just don't "understand" them. We get that, some clubs are too cramped, too expensive and no fun (especially when you have a bad attitude going into it.) We do suggest giving it a chance. Clubs are a hot attraction in Las Vegas, many resorts spend millions of dollars on the venue and their acts. Go there for the party, to dance, to see people and let loose. If you can't let loose, stay out!  

7. Relax at the Pool - Pool complexes are one of the biggest attractions in Las Vegas. Moods range from relaxation and chill to party hard; sometimes all within the same complex. It's hot in Las Vegas, head down to the pool for some good relaxation. Pools offer food, drinks, massages, gambling (some), music, Djs and some are even topless (Euro Style Bathing). Additionally, the pool is a place where you won't spend much money. So take a reprieve from walking around and dropping cash and relax in paradise. We'll do a post soon about our Top 10 Favorite Las Vegas Pools. 

6. See a Show - Shows have always been a big part of Las Vegas entertainment.  The Golden era had the Rat pack and later times included Liberace and Wayne Newton. Now a days there's a number of popular music artists playing Las Vegas. Where else can you see Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion or Elton John within a few blocks of each other. Additionally there's a ton of Cirque du Soleil shows (and Similar acts), Magicians, Comedians and Reviews (male and female). 

5. Get too Drunk - Oh man, this one might be the easiest on our list. Las Vegas is a 24 hour town, with the lack of windows in a typical casino time does fly.  Free drinks given to gamblers only fuels the fire of your ability to get drunk.  We say a Las Vegas virgin has to have one night getting hammered.  Get those $1 Michelobs at Casino Royale, enjoy your free drinks while playing video poker, stop by CVS to grab a tall boy and buy one of those giant frozen drinks. Did we mention you can have open contains while on the strip? (no glass)

4. Walk the Strip - What better way to get drunk (see number 5) than to walk the Las Vegas strip. The strip is many miles long and has numerous casinos on either side for your entertainment. However so much action is on the sidewalks, you don't even need to go inside the resorts themselves.  There will be thousands of tourists doing the same thing, so you'll be in good company.  Keep hydrated by playing a little game of "let's take a shot at every bar we pass". We recommend doing this at night as day time can be unbearably hot. 

3. Gamble - Hey it's Las Vegas. Gambling built this city, so might as well take your shot! As a virgin we recommend that you stick to what you know or easy to do such as 21 blackjack, poker (video poker has a low entry), slot machines and the big six wheel.  If you feel like learning Pai Gow poker is pretty easy to learn and it has a low rate of spend so you can gamble for a while and still have your bank roll. Some casinos even offer War, but watch out, that game goes fast!

2. Eat at a Buffet - Another thing Las Vegas is known for is food. People think they can get by with $.99 Steak and Eggs. But trust me, that don't exist any more ESPECIALLY ON THE STRIP. Now, almost every resort on the Las Vegas strip has a buffet. Buffets are amazing values and can also still have amazing food. We recommend doing a higher end buffet such as Caesars Palace's Bacchanal buffet or the Wicked Spoon at Cosmpopolitan. We'll do a top 10 list on buffets soon too. 

1. Watch the Bellagio Fountain Show - the fountains at Bellagio are one of, if not the most, iconic views in Las Vegas.  The show is free and easy to watch while walking the strip (see #4). This is an absolute must for a Las Vegas Virgin. The fountains move to the sound of the music. Each show unique to the music is being played.  On of the best is when they play Frank Sinatra.