Introducing the Las Vegas Party Weekend Planning Spreadsheet

If you follow this site at all you already know that we've made a science of planning trips to Las Vegas.  We do a guy's trip every year for the Big Game Weekend. One person is usually in charge of coordinating the trip. To aid in this coordination we needed a way to easily calculate each person's cost independently. Some people would go for 4 days, others for 3 and some even for 2! Now its not fair to charge people who stay 2 days the same amount as those who stay 4 days. Thus we have our Las Vegas Planning Spreadsheet. We have designed the spreadsheet over many years to have lots of functionality.  We can account for different room rates per day, it automatically calculates tax, you can add in resort and parking fees, and it will all automatically calculate it for your guests. It is a Google sheet so it is available to anyone who has an internet connection. Directions on how to use it can be found on its page. If you see any issues with it or have suggestions for additions or improvements hit us up on the contact page.